Hong Kong 2016 Day 2 

Once again, most places featured here are from Causeway Bay. The joy of living here! You will rarely need to travel. 


This is truly a gem! They specialise in soy related food. They’ve got another outlet at Mong Kok. We had: 

1) Vegetarin Fried Noodles: Very tasty! Perfect breakfast food. 

2) Soy Beancurd: The softest, smoothest and silkiest Beancurd I’ve ever tasted. It is so so good!!! This is the Mother of all beancurds.

3) Fried tofu with fish paste (not in photo): Very tasty as well! Its light tasting but you can add Chilli sauce to enhance the taste. 

The Coffee Academics 

They’ve got several outlets in Hong Kong (including one at Harbour City). 

Again, we went to the Causeway Bay branch.

1) Flat white 


 I’m not a coffee person but I’d say this good is aromatic and good. The Boyfriend liked it and he’s a coffee person. So i Guess  this deserves a thumbs up. 

2) Poached eggs with mashed avocado on toast 

This is good! The eggs are poached to perfection. Then again, it’s hard to go wrong with avocado and eggs. 

3) Blueberry Pancakes 

 I believe this is one of their signature dishes. The pancakes are soft and fluffy. I’ll give this a 4/5 


This is a porridge store at Mongkok. Address: 103 Argyle street, Kowloon.


We had the dough fritters as well as a bowl of pork&century eggs porridge each. The dough fritters are really delightful. Crispy and tasty. The porridge is so smooth and silky as if you’re slurping a bowl of soya Beancurd. 


Mak’s Noodles   

We went to the Causeway Bay outlet. The store is rather empty. I Guess the locals don’t want to pay HKD 38 for a really small bowl of wanton noodles. 

The portion is really really small. However, the soup is flavourful and the noodles are chewy. Wantons are rather good as well. I’ll give it a 3.5/5. It is decent but I’ll say you can quite easily find such quality for a much cheaper price along the streets.  


Monster Sushi 

 This is a chain restaurant by HK actor Daniel Wu. Concept and pricing is vey similar to Sen-Ryo (by Genki Sushi). However, they do give out coupons such as 100HKD Off with minimum spending of 250HKD and applicable for admissions past 9pm. 

I’d say the quality is good and sashimi is fresh! Value for money! 


Stumbled upon this place at Causeway Bay Area. Food wise I’d say it’s not the best but pricing wise, it’s definitely reasonable $12 for a plate of really photogenic waffles. Why not? 

If you’re looking for quality, this may not be the place for you. If you’re seeking value for your money, this is certainly the place for you.